Shared Services Centre

The Shared Services Centre (SSC) was created in December 2013 to reduce the cost of corporate services by using a ‘cost recovery’ business model to deliver services to the department and its broader customer base.

Throughout 2014–15, the SSC successfully implemented a business model that aimed to preserve its customer base, broaden its service offerings to those customers and deliver services to new customers.

Delaine Wilson was appointed as Chief Executive Officer in October 2014. Since then the SSC has updated its vision statement to ‘Leaders in exceptional and innovative shared services solutions’ as well as releasing its suite of strategic documents: SSC Strategic Plan 2015–2017, Marketing and Growth Strategy and IT Strategy.


The SSC Governance Board provides oversight and guidance of the SSC in delivering shared and common support services to Australian Public Service clients.

The SSC forms part of the corporate functions of each Partner and as such all statutory reporting obligations are conducted through the Partner departments (Department of Education and Training and Department of Employment).

Table 14: The members of the SSC Governance Board
Name Role
Renée Leon PSM Chair and Secretary of the Department of Employment
Lisa Paul AO PSM Secretary of the Department of Education and Training
Delaine Wilson Chief Executive Officer of the SSC (ex-officio)
John Lloyd PSM Australian Public Service Commission representative
Stein Helgeby 1 Department of Finance representative
Natalie James Client agency representative
Julian Barrington-Smith Independent member

1 Interim arrangement


During 2014–15 the SSC’s shared corporate services model allowed both departments to share some of their corporate functions including such services as assurance, building access and telephony, design and website support, finance support, HR services, library and mailroom services, corporate IT services and property services. Some corporate functions remained within each Partner department.

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