Programme 1.1 Government schools national support

This programme contributes to productivity and participation in Australia by providing supplementary recurrent funding to state and territory governments under the Australian Education Act 2013 to support government schools in the provision of school education. State and territory governments provide the majority of public funding for government schools.

The purposes for which this funding may be used include, but are not limited to, the payment of teacher salaries and other expenses relating to school staff, developing curriculum materials, general operating expenses of schools, and purchasing or maintaining school land, buildings and capital equipment.

Recurrent funding

Since 1 January 2014, funding for government schools has been appropriated under the Australian Education Act 2013. A total of $4.91 billion was paid in monthly instalments to state and territory governments in 2014.

Independent Public Schools

The Independent Public Schools initiative is providing funding to government schools to help them become more autonomous and to increase parent and community engagement. Funding of $70 million will be available to states and territories over the life of the initiative to 2016–17.

The initiative is supporting professional development for principals and school leaders in management of their schools, including operational issues such as budgets and staffing. It also provides training for members of school communities in more effective participation in the governance of their schools. The initiative is being implemented in a flexible way that benefits schools and takes into account their local circumstances and needs.

Performance Information

Table 1: Programme 1.1 Government Schools National Support performance information
Deliverables Estimate Actual
Government schools specific purpose payment
Funded full-time equivalent student enrolment projections a 2,417,000 2,383,000

a Funded full-time equivalent student enrolment projections do not include unfunded students such as full fee paying overseas students.

Key Performance Indicators Estimate Actual
Enrolment projections – government schools a
All full-time enrolments in Australian schools:
• Primary students 1,502,000 1,493,000
• Secondary students 892,000 894,000
Number of Indigenous students at school b 160,000 161,000

a All full-time student enrolments in Australian schools include unfunded students such as full fee paying overseas students. The aggregate of all primary and secondary student enrolments will not match funded enrolments.

b Indigenous student enrolments are a subset of primary and secondary student enrolments.

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