Outcome and programme structure

Outcome 1:

Improved early learning, schooling, student educational outcomes and transitions to and from school through access to quality support, parent engagement, quality teaching and learning environments

  • Programme 1.1: Government Schools National Support
  • Programme 1.2: Non-Government Schools National Support
  • Programme 1.3: Early Learning and Schools Support
  • Programme 1.4: Trade Training Centres in Schools
  • Programme 1.5: More Support for Students with Disabilities
  • Programme 1.6: Youth Support

Outcome 2:

Promote growth in economic productivity and social wellbeing through access to quality higher education, international education, and international quality research, skills and training

  • Programme 2.1: Commonwealth Grant Scheme
  • Programme 2.2: Higher Education Superannuation Programme
  • Programme 2.3: Higher Education Support
  • Programme 2.4: Higher Education Loan Programme
  • Programme 2.5: Investment in Higher Education Research
  • Programme 2.6: Research Capacity
  • Programme 2.7: International Education Support
  • Programme 2.8: Building Skills and Capability

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