Mobility programme

In the 2014 APS Employee Census, our employees indicated their preference for mobility options across the department. Implementing an employee-initiated mobility programme has given employees the opportunity to build new skills and capability as well as helping to re-align resources and capabilities to meet operational requirements. Employees have the option to move within the department or to another APS agency.

Following the success of the programme and a review in March, the programme has continued. Employees have provided positive feedback, such as:

  • Great idea and more people should be encouraged to go on the register if they are looking for a change. It is a great morale boost to have this opportunity
  • The mobility programme is an efficient way to transfer at level. It gave me an opportunity to discuss exactly what the job involved and made the process of negotiating the transfer easy and quick. Both areas were supportive of the process which was very helpful.

A further review of the programme will take place in the second half of 2015 to see how it may continue to support the department’s future workforce requirements.

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