Report Guide

This report is prepared in accordance with parliamentary reporting and legislative requirements and its purpose is to provide details of departmental activities and performance during the financial year.1


Comprises an overview by the Secretary, Executive biographies and the department’s role and structure.

Performance report 

Reports on the department’s performance against the Portfolio Budget Statements 2014‑15 and Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements 2014‑15.2

Our accountability and How we operate 

These parts explain measures to remain transparent and accountable in the department’s operations including corporate governance and external scrutiny.

They also cover compliance activities and how the department manages its workplace environments and human resources.

Financial statements 

Includes the independent auditor’s report and the department’s financial statements.


The appendices provide additional information about the department’s operations and responses to a number of legislative reporting requirements.

Reference materials 

This section includes reference material to assist in the navigation and understanding of this report.

1 As a result of the Administrative Arrangements Order (AAO) that took effect on 23 December 2014, some responsibilities of the Department of Industry moved to the department. Child care functions also moved from the department to the Department of Social Security. In addition, the department's name changed from the Department of Education to the Department of Education and Training.

2  The Annual Report details the department’s performance against the relevant outcomes and performance frameworks outlined in the Department of Education 2014‑15 Portfolio Budget Statements, the Department of Industry 2014‑15 Portfolio Budget Statements and the Department of Education and Training 2014‑15 Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements.

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